Diamonds may be some girls' best friend, but ours is Permanent Jewelry. Offering several styles of chains in 14k and 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. Add a charm or two for a personal touch. Schedule your appointment with Taylor today! (507) 346-2922

  • Gold | Silver | Rose Gold

  • Add your favorite charm!

  • So many options


WHAT IS PERMANENT JEWELRY? Jewelry that you cannot take off. Instead of closing with a clasp, it's welded together.

WHAT KIND OF CHAINS DO YOU USE? We use 14k and 24k gold filled, rose gold filled and sterling silver.

WHAT DOES THIS COST? Pricing starts at $55.

DOES IT HURT? Nope, it's a quick and painless service lasting no longer than 10 minutes.

HOW LONG DOES THE JEWELRY LAST? Your jewelry can last weeks, months or even years. It depends on your lifestyle.

HOW IS THE JEWELRY REMOVED? Jewelry can be removed with something as simple as a nail clipper.