Kaylie didn’t always want to be a hairstylist, but she knew she loved everything art, photography, etc., so enrolling at NOVA Academy to expand her creativity seemed like the natural thing to do. She walked into NOVA Academy at the end of December 2011, enrolled for class on January 3, 2012 and never turned back. “I love that I can get behind the chair and create someone’s vision of their hair and make them feel beautiful! My favorite part of doing hair is watching it transform right before my eyes. Whether it’s a cut or color, taking it from one thing and making it into another is magical. The client’s reaction to the finished product is the best!”

Kaylie, her boyfriend and 2 sons live in Stewartville. In her spare time, she loves to photograph her family and landscapes. The changes of the seasons, but especially spring and fall, are her favorite to photograph. She’ll take summertime over wintertime, all the time!

WHY I LOVE CHATEAU DE CHIC: “I love everything about CDC! I truly enjoy coming to work everyday and working with the team we’ve created! We are such a tight knit group of girls! The beautiful building is also a plus :)

FAVORITE PRODUCT: I have a couple favorites, depending on my needs. 1. The Moroccanoil Root Boost is what I love to get lift and volume. It’s a dry texture, so it doesn’t leave you sticky, tacky and unable to run your fingers through your hair. 2. For smooth and shine, I like to use the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum. It’s a lightweight lotion you put in towel dried hair and use a heat style to lock in smoothness and shine!. Whatever your needs may be, we got ya covered!

HAIR INFLUENCER: “Jenn Slifka! I am always blown away with her creativity! She is so confident and a successful stylist and business owner. What she has done with her businesses within the last 20 years is something to be proud of!”

MY TIP FOR YOU: “I always say, “the bigger the rod, the looser the curl.” If you’re looking for nice beach waves, I suggest using anything from a 1 inch iron to a 1.25 inch, depending on the length of hair. For my hair, I use a 1.25 inch iron. Before I start, I use the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Heat Protectant. I then start curling one side in the same direction, starting at the top of the hair section and rotating downwards to the ends. Leave a little tail out to give you your straight end. Once I finish both sides, I let the curls cool and either comb or brush through them to break up and soften them. After, finish with your favorite hairspray or texture spray! To achieve the “sandy beach” curls, I use the texture spray from Moroccanoil. It gives enough grit to hold and piece out your curls.

FAVORITE HAIR THEN AND NOW: “In high school I loved my Spanish teacher’s hair. She had these big, blonde beautiful natural curls! Now, I love Brad Mondo’s hair. Every time I see a new video of him, his hair is different…from rainbow, to red, to blonde to green and black! I love that!