O W N E R + S T Y L I S T

O W N E R + S T Y L I S T


I love how fast paced and innovative the beauty industry is. As a salon owner and stylist, I can embark on new adventures and experiences regularly in my field. I am also an educator for Moroccanoil, which has opened the door to new opportunities; traveling to salons to further their knowledge of products and techniques, as well as traveling the country for Moroccanoil events. I love being in the salon. I first opened Chateau de Chic in 2006 and it has grown so much over the years. I have an amazing team of professionals that I respect and admire.

As a Moroccanoil educator, I love utilizing the professional product they offer. Being one of the top product lines in our trade, I work with them daily and know how well they perform. A favorite would be the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense; a newer product that offers protection when styling with heat to ensure hair stays healthy and beautiful. CBD Daily is also an amazing product line. We have received valuable feedback from clients who have used it as a natural reliever for various ailments and we are happy to see the positive impact it has had for so many.

When I am away from the salon, I spend most of my time with my husband, Alex and three boys; Kellan, Jude and Merrick. They keep me busy and that's how I like it. I also love listening to music, collecting vintage clothing and jewelry, spending time in my garden and caring for my succulents. As a business owner, it is important to be involved in the local community. I work with organizations who dedicate their time to promote our city and to encourage other businesses in our area to thrive.




I have been a cosmetologist for years and can still say that each day in the business brings new and exciting things. It is ever changing and it has been thrilling to see the transformation in trends and techniques. Never mundane, Chateau de Chic is a wonderful environment to witness the latest styles and to always further my knowledge in the field. I have worked many places throughout my professional career and Chateau de Chic is by far the best, especially due to my fabulous co-workers.

We have an extensive line of professional product. If I had to pick one or two, I especially like the Strong Hold Hairspray from Aloxxi. It's a great line and it is the same company that designs the color solutions we use during our hair color services. It is perfect for my clients and it helps to hold their style for days. Another product would be the Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse. It achieves amazing volume for my clients without feeling heavy, so it is complimenting for even the finest hair.

I graduated from Spring Valley, married my high school sweetheart and we have been married now for 45 years. We have built our family in this community with three children and four grandchildren. When I am not styling hair, I love spending time with my family. I stay busy being around my grandchildren; being present to support them when they have sports or other extracurricular activities.




I love everything about my job. Being a hairstylist is so fun! Not only do I get to do hair, but also connect with my awesome clients. I am especially passionate in performing color services and bridal styles! I love working at Chateau de Chic. The atmosphere is great and our clientele is wonderful. I value the Chateau de Chic team because we work together and we can share knowledge about what we do.

One of my favorite products is the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. It adds dimension for any hair type without adding heavy residue to finish any style. I also love the products we carry from Kevin Murphy; a clean hair product line that offers so many different products depending on our client's needs. I am excited about furthering my knowledge of the Kevin Murphy line, as I am working towards the professional title of a Kevin Murphy Session Stylist!

I am very outgoing once I get to know a person. I love to smile and laugh at just about anything. I was a receptionist at Chateau de Chic for four years during my time in high school and then was able to pursue my career to become a licensed cosmetologist in La Crosse, WI. I guess you could say I love it here! When I am not at work you can find me shopping. I love shoes, purses and clothes! Spending time with my family and boyfriend are always a high priority in my life. When I was young, I would cut all the hair off my dolls to see what they would look like, then hide them from my mom so I would not get into trouble. But don't worry, my skills have improved since then!




I am very passionate about what I do. Being able to give people a new look or complete makeover is always my favorite. To have someone walk in, then walk out feeling fresh and renewed is very fulfilling. Chateau de Chic is such a positive place to work. I love the girls I work with. They always have a smile on their face. The energy is very uplifting.

I love Moroccanoil! Their products are the best for me and for my clients. It's nice to be able to use Moroccanoil products on my clients during their service and then be able to make recommendations for them to purchase and use at home. My favorite product from Moroccanoil is their Dry Shampoo. It's the best one I have tried! It works so well in between shampoos to ensure clients are not shampooing too often, which is a common mistake for healthy hair.

When I am out of the salon, I enjoy hanging out with my Jack Russell terrier, Baxter. I also love being at my cabin on the lake. During the summertime, you can find me out on the water, relaxing on a boat and enjoying the sunshine. I will be getting married soon and have been having fun with all the wedding planning! A fun fact about myself? I have an identical twin sister.

E S T H E T I C I A N + N A I L  T E C H

E S T H E T I C I A N + N A I L T E C H


The best thing about my job is the one on one conversations with my clients. The second best thing is being able to ensure the health of their skin and nails, not only through the services I perform, but also recommendations for at home care and a healthy lifestyle. I feel privileged to work at Chateau de Chic with its beautiful environment. It's bright, fun and energetic. We also have a lot to offer our clients with our professional product lines and clothing boutique. At Chateau de Chic, we are a team and it feels good to be a part of that.

I am a label reader, whether it's food, bath + body, cleaning products, etc. So, I am always hesitant of a product before knowing the fine print. One of my favorite lines at Chateau de Chic is NOW Essential Oils. I love the woody, earthy scents mostly, like patchouli and cedarwood. I am also a big fan of 100% Pure Cosmetics. For a makeup and skincare line, it's so clean and healthy!

I was born in San Diego, California and moved to Spring Valley when I was ten. It was a transition, but I have come to love the Midwest. I love the everchanging seasons and enduring the winter months. It keeps me strong. I graduated from Spring Valley, then after receiving my degree from St. Cloud State, I began my career in skin and nails. I live in Spring Valley and feel proud to be a part of this community. It is beautiful and it is wholesome. I love where I live. I love what I do. Life is good. When I'm not at the salon, I am hanging out with my husband, Nick, and my cat, Dude. I love to be at home and I am a movie junkie. We both love to cook, listen to podcasts, go to music concerts and travel to places where we can be lost in nature. I find it very renewing and humbling. Which we all need from time to time.